Florida chooses healthy air to exercise in
Gadsden County chooses healthy air for their children to play in
Gretna, Florida votes for fresh air over biomass incinerators
The people of Gretna say no thanks to Adage Biomass Project

Floridians Against Incinerators In Disguise

Things aren't how they always appear at first.

Take the Gretna Biomass project proposed by Adair.

It sounded good on paper at first.

Then the facts started to come in as a few noble citizens of Gadsen County began to dig.

It wasn't pretty what they found.

As a few brave souls stood up for what they believed was right...

Eventually their voice was heard.

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Lack of adequate indoor air quality is directly reponsible for a host of health problems particularly in the elderly & minors. Have your homes indoor air tested for potential health causing concerns. Your family deserves healthy air to breath everyday.

Remember The Gretna Biomass Incinerator Project

Remember Gretna biomass project so it doesn't happen againThis website is dedicated to the remembrance of how the people of Gadsden County stood together as one voice and told the big Adage corporation to build their incinerator somewhere else.

The goal of this website is to remind people that this will happen again somewhere else.

Whether in Florida or any other state of the the union for that matter.

America deserves to learn the FACTS from what happened in Gretna.

That there once was a little county that stood up to the big corporation and said do not build an incinerator in our beautiful Florida backyard.

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